Auf Ulva leben nur 5 Bewohner – Jetzt soll die Insel verkauft werden


Da gibt es eine kleine Insel mit Namen Ulva in der Nähe Schottlands. Sie ist nur 12 Quadratkilomter groß und es leben dort fünf Menschen. Man geniesst dort die Natur, die schönen Strände und die kleinen Hügel.

Doch jetzt will Jamie Howard die Insel kaufen – für 4,25 Millionen Pounds. Die Bewohner der Insel sind sauer und wollen auf keinen Fall ihre Insel verlieren. Jetzt starten die letzten Inselbewohner eine große Kampagne um ihre Heimat nicht zu verlieren…

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People of Ulva don’t give their island

There is a small island in Europe called Ulva. This Scottish Island is near to the west and only 12 square kilometers. People who live there know well the smooth sandy beach, the steep cliffs, and the hills that lie there. But nowadays their lives is bothered by helicopters.
Because the owner of the island the aristocrat Jamie Howard wants to sell it. And he asks „only“ 4,25 million pounds. The five person who lives there afraid that the new owner sends them away, so they start an action.

The decided that together they bought the island. The locals have organized a collection for their case, but the action launched on the Internet has taken only 1,000 pounds per day. In the old days the community of Ulva was over a thousand people, now only five person lives there. And their only hope is the Scottish Land Fund.

This foundation was created to make the Scottish land if the lives of many local residents were to remain the property of the people living there. The people of Ulva started an intensive campaign to save their homes and their lives as well.